Ski Hydrated The Economical Way

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If money is an issue when keeping you hydrated while on a skiing trip, there are ways of going around it. All it takes is some imagination.

Bring Your Own Water

Skiing downhill for a long stretch of time will cause you to perspire profusely and lose about a quart of body fluid in an hour’s time. What you can do is preempt your thirst by drinking all the water you can throughout the day.

You should take with you two quarts or more of water every time. Water is the best fluid to drink since our bodies are made up of 70% water. Fruit juice and soda pop are diuretics that can make you even thirstier after you consume them, so you want to avoid these fluids.

How best to bring two quarts of water?

Bring a Backpack

In the backpack you can put the water you need in two X 1-quart plastic containers, along with accessories and clothes. When you stop for a break on the slopes remove your backpack and pull out one of the water bottles. The back pack can be a burden when you are skiing and it might be too much trouble putting it down every time you take a rest or a drink, in which case you should opt for a camel pack instead.

Use a Camel Pack Instead

The camel pack is a kind of vest that is placed at the front and is zipped or clipped. There is a one to three quarts capacity reservoir that you can fill with water or energy drink, and there is a pliant tube that can serve as a water main from the reservoir to your mouth. New models of hydration packs come with built in anti-freezing devices so the tubes will not freeze in extremely cold weather, or if yours is not equipped with the system you can put the end of the tube in your jacket pocket as an alternative. You will have to spend some money buying your gear, but it will be made up by your savings from buying bottled water and other liquids in just one skiing season. Plus, the back pack or camel pack can be useful in your other sporting and recreational activities αΎ’ hiking, biking, birding, etc.

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