Things To Consider Before Booking A Heli-Skiing Holiday

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Heli-Skiing, without a doubt, is one of the most spectacular sports to take part in. You may have friends who have told you about their incredible experiences or seen dramatic highlights of skiers in movies. If you are enticed and want to plan a heli-skiing vacation there are important things to consider ensuring your adventure best suites you.

Besides the obvious consideration of how much vacation time you have and can afford, your actual physical ability should be considered. Most companies have trips that vary in length of time from daily runs to two to seven days long adventures. Accommodations are usually based at a backcountry lodge or hotel and daily outings allowing beginners to pace themselves. It takes a great deal of stamina to be able to ski for seven consecutive days.

There are also basic questions that should be asked of each company you are considering spending your vacation with. The number of people in each group per guide is especially important for beginners and advanced skiers alike. Small intimate groups of skiers that are at the same skill level permits the group to travel at a similar pace which is a safety consideration. Do they organize the groups according to skill and experience? Are you expected to organize your own group? Small groups are the best way to heliski.

How many groups are serviced per helicopter? It’s not much fun to be waiting for your helicopter for long periods of time at the beginning or end of the day. How far away is the heli-pad? It might not be your thing to spend half an hour in a bus to reach the heli-pad.

What about the accommodations? There are different levels of luxury available. What is the quality of the food served? Are you looking for gourmet meals or happier with basic meat and potatoes? Are they able to accommodate special diets if needed?

What equipment is provided? If this is your first time it may not be necessary to invest in equipment until you’ve become totally hooked on the amazing experience as some companies supply the free use of powder skis, poles or snowboards. Some supply everything but your boots. Use of this equipment should be arranged when you are booking your vacation. Does each person get their own transceiver or safety backpack with shovel and picks or is it one per group.

Some companies have limits on the length of the Vertical that are included in the basic price. So there may be a limit to the amount of vertical that is included in the package price and if this amount is exceeded there might be additional fees. A few companies, such as Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, have unlimited Vertical and even guarantee the minimum numbers of runs or Vertical Length you experience per day.

Everybody has their own idea of what constitutes “perfect conditions”. The time of year will influence the type of snow conditions. Some people prefer steep, deep and lots of powder. Others want a more leisurely day with lots of camera stops. Only you can decide which the many features heli skiing operators offer are the most important to you.

Great Canadian heli skiing is the leader in heli ski programs in Canada. Offering unparalleled experiences in small group trips and heli ski holidays.

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